Hi, I’m Gabby. I live with my Ghost Family

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There is something very odd about coming home and finding my mother’s bedroom door open. Mostly because Mom passed away three years ago and because the door was closed before I left for the day.

Hi, I’m Gabby. I live with my Ghost Family.

Seriously, I do.

In January of 2000, my father died in our family room. He lost a long and hard-fought battle with bladder cancer. My mother passed away in 2015. She spent her remaining non-hospital days in that same family room. Hell, my mother honestly spent the 15 years following my father’s death virtually living in that family room as though it were a shrine for my dad.

In 2016, my brother suddenly passed away, and without the guidance of our parents, we opted to have him cremated. Since I play the role of Norman Bates, care-taking the Bonesso Family Museum, it seemed natural for me to bring my brother’s urn home. It just made sense to have his remains in the family room. Or as I like to call it now, “The Ghost Family Room.”

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