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A Melting Pot of Pittsburgh Area Historical Attractions, Heritage Events, Folklore and Quirky Culture…

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Guide (SPG) serves as a virtual hub for the promotion and awareness of Pittsburgh’s attractions and events, with a particular focus on historical and heritage resources.  This site aims to feature such sites in the context of our quaint and nostalgic past, with an eye on preservation, renewal and development for the future.  Therefore, this site provides a conglomerate of information for those seeking to explore the region’s industrial, agricultural and cultural roots as well as the rebirth of Pittsburgh’s urban core and rural countryside.

The five main components of the SPG are Attractions, History, Folklore, Charming & Quaint and Regional Growth.  Much of the content is brought in via an RSS feed that promotes related, hand-selected content from local Pittsburgh bloggers.  Together we hope that these provide a central fusion of information that is often overlooked and failing to reach an underserved audience.

We hope to form a community of like-minded folks that share this vision.  For this reason, we will soon be providing opportunities for you to advertise and post events at no cost, submit listings and perhaps contribute guest content promoting your business or organization.  If this interests you, or have any comments or questions, please email me. Although this site is in its 17th year, it is once again a work in progress, as our focus shifts once again…  Stay tuned as the SPG continues to grow!

Brett Cobbey

Owner and Webmaster of swPenna.com

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