Haunted Places in Pittsburgh

The 43 haunted places in Pittsburgh listed below may be scattered across western Pennsylvania, but have one thing in common:  an urban legend based on paranormal activity, developed over years and decades.  Each of these has its own ghost story, some involving zombies, ghouls or spirits; others involving murder mysteries and folklore.  Pittsburgh has many old restaurants, taverns and colleges that are supposedly haunted or have tales of horror.

The most popular haunted places in Pittsburgh are:  13 Bends, Blue Mist Road, Green Man’s Tunnel, The Harmony Inn, Quaker Church and Shades of Death Road, based on search volume. Read about these and others; be sure to rate your favorites and share your experiences!

3990 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, United States


On the top floor of the Bruce Residence Hall is located Room 1201, a banquet hall that is used for catered special events. There have been many accounts over the years of paranormal activity in the room: cold spots, objects moving, and the feelings of spiritual presences while otherwise alone. The ghosts are believed to be those of two women who committed suicide many years ago in the room. Though relatively harmless, these occurrences have left several workers and visitors to 1201 unnerved and happy to be out of this haunted house!

Tourman St, Coulter, PA 15028, United States


One of the most popular but confusing “haunted place” urban legends is the story of “13 Bends”. The main story involves Coulterville Cemetery near Elizabeth, McKeesport and Boston. An old orphanage from the 1800s that stood on this site burned down years ago, and you can still supposedly hear footsteps and children, and perhaps see some apparitions in the rear view mirror of your car! Some encounter a great sense of sadness as they drive by. Childlike handprints can then be seen all over the vehicle. But it is the isolated location of the cemetery that makes it even spookier. There is but one way in and out, along a long, curvy road toward the river. On this road, the legend of “13 Bends” was born. If you count the number of bends in the road in one direction, there are 13, but on the way back, only 12. The only explanation is, of course, sinister spirits or playful century-old orphans! But the legend of “13 Bends” has spread. Some in the local area have mapped the 13 bends story to nearby Route 48 above the Boston Bridge. And somehow the legend is often mentioned in Harmar or Harmarville, on Cambell’s Run Road near the location of an old mine site. Go figure!

Irwin Road, Gibsonia, PA, United States


This isolated stretch of Irwin Road near North Park has been attracting attention for years. Irwin Road is an unlit, unpaved lane dotted with some scattered homes and ruins along it. It traverses a hollow parallel to Babcock Blvd. that is scary enough during the day, let alone at night. There are many legends and rumors associated with this place, but it is most known for rumors of satanic activity and all the horrors that typically go with that. It is named after the creeping “blue mist” that sometimes covers the road. It is one of the most searched for and well known sites in the Pittsburgh area, making this a classic “haunted” place.

510 E 10th Ave, Munhall, PA 15120, United States


If you know anything about Pittsburgh history, it may not surprise you that this library is haunted. It was given as a gift by Carnegie only 6 years after the deadly Homestead Steel Strike of 1892. Despite his good intentions, there was still bad blood among the steel workers for Carnegie, for defeating their attempt at organized labor. Could it be these restless steel workers that haunt and make trouble in this century-old historic building?

Woodland Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, United States


Chatham University is so haunted that they now hold an annual “ghost walk” to tell all of their tales. There are several scattered around campus, each with its own interesting and tragic story. The most well known is the “Blue Lady of Woodland Hall”, who has appeared to students, hovering above them as they wake. Nearby, Carlow College has its own tale in Room 947 of Dougherty Hall. Late at night, students have reported seeing misty apparitions and hearing scratching noises on the walls. Pittsburgh colleges seem to have haunted houses all over the place!

808 West Main Street, Monongahela, PA


At this haunted antique shop, located at 808 West Main Street, the ghost of a young girl sometimes provides a chill when present, and her voice can sometimes be heard. In fact, this ghost has supposedly been photographed! This building must have quite a history; it was built in 1869.

1129 Ridge Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA


Once noted as “The Most Haunted House in America”, this home on Pittsburgh’s North Side is still creating chills, even though it is long gone. It was built in the 1860’s at 1129 Ridge Avenue, the home of Charles & Lydia Congelier. The house had numerous owners and visitors, each adding to the macabre history of the building. Finally, by some reports it met its demise in a grand explosion in 1927 – others say it was razed, either way it has passed into the annals of local folklore…