Visiting Daffin’s Chocolate Kingdom in Sharon, PA

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Located in Sharon, Pennsylvania, just a mile from the Ohio border, is the flagship store of Daffin’s Candies. This store is billed as the “Largest Candy Store in the World.” However, let’s just start off by saying that’s definitely not true.

I don’t know if it was a marketing gimmick or if it was once potentially true, but I feel confident in saying that it’s not even the largest candy store in Pennsylvania (Hershey’s Chocolate World, for one, is almost certainly larger). Interestingly, Sharon is also home to the “World’s Largest Shoe Store” and the “World’s Largest Off-Price Fashion Store,” so maybe this gimmick is a local contrivance.

However, despite the dubious claim, that doesn’t mean that you should skip Daffin’s Candies. In fact, if you find yourself in Mercer County, it’s quite a neat and tasty place to stop.

Daffin’s Candies has been in existence since 1903 when George Daffin opened for business in Woodsfield, Ohio, which is about 75 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. After moving the location of the business a few times in the coming decades, it finally settled in Sharon, Pennsylvania in the years after World War II.

Daffin’s Candies flagship store is said to be 20,000 square feet in size and is located in a former grocery store just outside of the downtown core of Sharon. Daffin’s has been located here since 1975, and their chocolate factory is just a few miles outside of town.

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