Urban Air Cranberry provides high flying fun in Butler County.

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Virtual hands up if you’re already counting down the days until spring. We all suffer from cabin fever — whether we’re stuck indoors because of the subzero temperatures or because of the scorching heat — at least a couple of times every year. But, cabin fever with kids takes that desire to get out of the house to a whole new level. Fortunately, Pittsburgh’s home to some pretty amazing indoor playgrounds, where the kids can play until they drop and we, parents, can just hang out. Next time you need a break, head to this ocean-themed indoor playground near Pittsburgh.

This Giant Jungle Gym Hiding In Pittsburgh Will Bring Out The Adventurer In You

Remember how much fun we had going to the park as kids? Sure, we loved kicking our feet and touching the sky on the swings and climbing up then zipping down the slides. But, the jungle gym! That’s where the excitement was — and it still is. We may not be able to play on the jungle gym at the park, but we don’t have to miss out on all the fun anymore. This giant jungle gym in Pittsburgh will bring out the adventurer in you (and perhaps make you feel like a kid again).

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