More Autumn Elk Watching in Pennsylvania

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Perhaps the nicest and most exciting drama in nature is seeing the Pennsylvania’s Elk Herd during their rut. Watching the groups of elk graze, and the bulls fight over mates, is extremely exciting and exhilarating. The scenery in the area alone is worth a trip though, especially in autumn. The beauty of the outdoors is on full display in this region, and seeing the grazing elk is a wonderful plus to that.

We started with a stop at the Marion Brooks Reserve in the Moshannon State Forest and the Quehanna Wild Area. It is home to a spectacular stand of white birches, one of the most noted groves in this region of the country. They are neat to see in any season, but we missed the color this year on them, since they change and drop earlier than most of the tree species in Pennsylvania. The Bennett Branch of the Sinnemahoning Creek could easily be classified as a small river. The scenery along it is spectacular, and is even better when you see elk within the creek, like we did last year.

Now we head over towards Benezette and the Winslow Hill Area. A group of elk. These creatures are majestic and stunning to see. The best time to see the most of them is as sunset begins to approach and at dusk. They get more active, and during the rut you will see different groups of them start to clash, with the bull elk charging each other and locking antlers, with the relentless and unmistakable sounds of bugling and clashing antlers. It is truly exhilarating to experience.  It is mesmerizing watching their graceful moves as they graze.

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