Kennywood Fright Night: Choose-Your-Own Scareventure

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Despite having lived in Pittsburgh my whole life, I had never gone to a Phantom Fright Night at Kennywood until this month. I arrived with a friend of mine about an hour after the gates opened. Having tickets printed ahead of time makes check-in a breeze. Be advised: Kennywood enforces a no re-entry policy and a no costume policy during Fright Nights.

We were greeted at the entryway tunnel by a few masked actors, one wielding a chainsaw and another wearing a rad fallen-angel costume. The whole tunnel was full of that special-effects fog that lingers heavily, like dew in late summer. The tunnel-o-fog set a great tone, however, the tone wasn’t completely carried through throughout the park.

It is worth noting that the Fright Nights are not a traditional “haunted attraction” but rather a Halloween-ification of Kennywood. Some Kennywood spaces are transformed into haunted houses, games are Halloween-themed, and creepy music is pumped throughout the park. Several of the rides and most of the coasters are open as well, which beats a standard haunted house.

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