Interview with a veteran paranormal investigator

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Stan Gordon and I have the same last name, we both live in Southwestern Pennsylvania and neither of us has seen Bigfoot in person.

I haven’t been looking. Gordon, on the other hand, has spent 59 years investigating reports of paranormal activity in the area: Bigfoot, UFOs, and cryptids (a creature whose existence is either disputed or unconfirmed). He’s never seen these or other unusual phenomena. But what he lacks in first-hand experience with the paranormal, Gordon makes up for with fierce dedication to investigating the stories of those who have. Or say they have.

Gordon founded Westmoreland County UFO Study Group (WCUFOSG) in 1970, broke off for a solo career as an independent researcher in 1993, and these days spends time penning articles for paranormal outlets, speaking at expos, and continuing to investigate sightings in the area. He’s seen a lot of weird stuff over the years, most of it easy to explain by natural or manmade origins — UFOs are often just airplanes or Venus or the International Space Station or Chinese lanterns. But there are a few examples that elude breezy disproof.

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