Fallingwater makes you feel like a kid

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There are many good reasons to visit Fallingwater, but the only one that matters is that it makes you feel like a kid.

Built by Frank Lloyd Wright for department store mogul Edgar J. Kaufmann in the 1930s, the house has a surreal vibe that invites academic explanations, but really, it just looks like an elaborate treehouse built by a very intelligent, well-funded child.

Beyond the ingenuity required to design a house around/in/on flowing water, the building is carved with an abundance of odd corners and nooks that make you want to play hide-and-seek. Walking the perimeter opens up angles and details that somehow refute what you saw from the other side. Every aspect of the house feels like an argument for the benefits of perching. The first time I saw it, I sputtered to my dad, “It’s fun to perch on shit, huh?” It really is.

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