Facebook is opening an A.I. lab in Pittsburgh — ‘a blow for Carnegie Mellon’

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At a conference in Silicon Valley this week, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, vowed that his company would keep building despite a swirl of questions around the way it has dealt with misinformation and the personal data of its users.

That is certainly true in the important area of artificial intelligence, which Mr. Zuckerberg says can help the social media giant deal with some of those problems.

Facebook is opening new A.I. labs in Seattle and Pittsburgh, after hiring three A.I. and robotics professors from the University of Washington and Carnegie Mellon University. The company hopes these seasoned researchers will help recruit and train other A.I. experts in the two cities, Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer, said in an interview.

See it at New York Times.

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