Exploring Homestead

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If your experiences in Homestead don’t extend much farther than the shopping centers of the Waterfront, it’s time to expand your horizons and embrace all that this historic neighborhood has to offer.

Beyond the Homestead Grays Bridge is a tight-knit community, many of whose members have been living there their entire lives. The same goes for the establishments. Tucked in the hills, just barely qualifying as Munhall, lies Pearl’s — a neighborhood watering hole for everyone — morning, afternoon, and night. Photographs of Pittsburgh, old and new, line the walls of the bar that has been in the area since 1971. Nelenn Hines, a resident of Homestead, considers it a staple. She would know: She’s worked there for 10 years. To Hines, it’s a place where everyone can come together.

“I would raise my daughter here. It’s my home.”

William McDonald, or “Uncle Bill,” agrees that the neighborly atmosphere of Pearl’s represents the tight-knit community of Homestead. “Everyone here knows each other. There are good people here.”

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