Shopping Districts Around Pittsburgh

Small towns around southwestern Pennsylvania are redeveloping their business districts to create vibrant shopping districts for visitors. Many have rebounded by not trying to compete with outlying strip malls and box stores; instead they are supporting local shops & restaurants in a walkable district. Visit a local shopping district near you and discover the hidden gems that await you!

Waterfront Town Center, Homestead, PA

Waterfront Town Center

270 West Bridge St, West Homestead, PA 15120

“The Waterfront” is a great example of redeveloping old industrial sites. Once the location of a steel mill, this riverfront property is now home to Pittsburgh’s most well-known mixed-use development.– Read More…

Volant Shopping District

Volant Shopping District

875 Main St., Volant, PA 16156

Take a day trip up to Amish country in Lawrence County, and stroll through the dozen or so shops that make up the Volant Shopping District. The shops are unique and quaint, and the district capitalizes on them with special events and horse-drawn carriage rides.– Read More…