Haunted Places in Pittsburgh, PA

Here are several “real” haunted places & haunted houses from around the Pittsburgh area, including cemeteries, forests and roads.  Around Halloween there is an increased interest in the paranormal, and western Pennsylvania has a lot to offer. Each of these haunted places has it’s own urban legend or ghost story, some involving zombies, ghouls or spirits; others involving murder mysteries and folklore. Pittsburgh has many old restaurants, taverns and colleges that are supposedly haunted or have tales of horror.  Use this list to create your own “ghost tour”, and get in the mood for the Halloween season.  I will be adding more haunted places as time allows.

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Happy Haunting!

230 Mercer St, Harmony, PA 16037

The Harmony Inn is located in a National Historic District in the town of Harmony, PA. It was originally owned by Austin Pearce, a prominent banker, mill operator and railroad executive as early as 1856. Over the years, the building has had numerous owners and uses and has a colorful history. The spirits that haunt the inn seem to be friendly, and most of the reported encounters relatively benign. Legend has it that there are at least 3 ghostly entities that keep an eye on things around the haunted house! Maybe for this reason, the Harmony Inn has been featured often in the media, especially around Halloween. Today, the Harmony Inn is open as a restaurant and offers many special events.

109 W Overton Rd, Scottdale, PA 15683, United States

This Abraham Overholt family estate dates back to 1800, and still has 18 of its’ original buildings, including the mansion and distillery. The estate is haunted by 2 Overholts: Jacob & Clyde. One Overholt hung himself from a tree on the property, and another died in a room now used as a storage area. People say they can see his face looking out the room’s window. Although the place is known for being haunted, the current administration at West Overton is trying to downplay such incidents.

Woodland Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, United States

Chatham University is so haunted that they now hold an annual “ghost walk” to tell all of their tales. There are several scattered around campus, each with its own interesting and tragic story. The most well known is the “Blue Lady of Woodland Hall”, who has appeared to students, hovering above them as they wake. Nearby, Carlow College has its own tale in Room 947 of Dougherty Hall. Late at night, students have reported seeing misty apparitions and hearing scratching noises on the walls. Pittsburgh colleges seem to have haunted houses all over the place!

611 Covert Rd, New Castle, PA 16102, United States

Covert’s Crossing was a single-lane old bridge in New Castle, PA. The bridge was built in 1887, and was very narrow. It has become the subject of many legends in the area, most of which involve headless spirits and midnight tragedies. For example, one story asserts that a newlywed couple in a horse drawn carriage was struck head on by a car on the bridge on their wedding night. The groom was never found, and the bride was decapitated. Variations of this story substitute the couple for a young girl on her prom night, and yet another mentions a railroad worker from the nearby tracks. In all the stories, the poor souls basically met the same end. Legend has it that these spirits would appear at midnight to whoever was brave enough to stop on the bridge. But this dangerous stunt is fortunately not possible anymore: the entire bridge was stolen in 2011 and sold for scrap! That just adds to the legend of Covert’s Crossing, maybe not in a “haunted place” sort of way, but definitely in a strange and unusual way!

A well-known wooded area near Level Green, PA, one legend suggests that the area is haunted by man who committed suicide. Definitely spooky and creepy at night, the area was popular for four-wheeling at one time. Wooded “patches” throughout the state seem to attract urban legends, usually based on a bit of truth that has has grown and been made larger than life as time passes.

3414 National Pike, Farmington, PA 15437, United States

Mount Washington Tavern is located off the National Road and is part of the Fort Necessity National Battlefield Park. It is one of many taverns that were built along the National Road. These taverns gave weary stagecoach travelers a place to eat and rest. Today a museum, there have been reports of unexplainable footsteps and laughing at the haunted tavern after the park has closed, along with other chilling accounts of orbs and spiritual presences. There have even been recent reports of seeing faces in the windows and one of encountering a ghost materializing before her eyes!

3899 Piney Fork Rd, South Park Township, PA 15129, United States

Piney Fork Tunnel on Piney Fork Road is also known as “Corvette Tunnel”. The tunnel is very narrow and lies adjacent to a sharp turn in the Road. Legend has it that 2 corvettes were drag racing, and only one could fit into the tunnel. The other met a horrific end, leading to the death of a young girl. Some have said you can still hear the screeching of tires and the screams of the young girl if you visit at night. Also, if you dare to flash your headlights 3 times into the tunnel, the ghostly headlights of a corvette will appear, heading right at you! It should be noted that this tunnel is often confused with Green Man’s Tunnel, which lies in the same vicinity, but is apparently off of the roadway. This is a good example of how legends and folklore mix and grow over time and become attached to such haunted places.

808 West Main Street, Monongahela, PA

At this haunted antique shop, located at 808 West Main Street, the ghost of a young girl sometimes provides a chill when present, and her voice can sometimes be heard. In fact, this ghost has supposedly been photographed! This building must have quite a history; it was built in 1869.

6048 Lincoln Hwy, Bedford, PA 15522, United States

The Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford was built in the 1760s. At one point, the building was used as a prison, and several condemned prisoners were hanged on location. So it is not surprising that the building has developed a reputation for paranormal activity over its many years! One ghost is that of a young girl waiting for her lover to return. Her footsteps can be heard running to the window, pausing, then slowly walking back again. There have also been numerous sightings of ghostly men in frontier clothing within the haunted house, sounds of patrons enjoying the bar while closed, even mysterious, staring eyes appearing in the walls!

Hoffman Cemetery, Smithton, PA 15479, United States

From a certain viewpoint along Stahl Road, looking across the valley at the cemetery, one tombstone in particular appears to glow against the night sky. This has been known for decades, but in recent years cornstalks have blocked the view during the summer / fall. I have not been there in quite some time so I do not know the current status. A simple study years ago concluded that the strange light is indeed coming from a certain tombstone, but to this day it is not known why. Some have said it is a reflection from a far off street light, but this seems unlikely. The tombstone does not glow when standing near it; you can only see the eerie glow from the vantage point across the roadway! Because of this, the cemetery has grown legendary in the local area. There have been rumors of orbs and streaking lights across the cemetery as well. The area is rather spooky and creepy at night – the perfect setting for such a haunted place!